2018 Convention Hand-Outs Available for Download

Movement Experiences that ENGAGE Workshop – Pete Charrette

Are you up to the Task – Pete Charrette

TAHPERD Grants – Success Stories and Application Procedures – Dr. Marcy Maurer

FunE Ball – Eung-Soo Oh

Marathon Kids – Stefanie Ediger

Back Squat Assessment – Michael B. Phillips and David Mann

Are You a Commodity – Michael B Phillips

I Teach More than Gym 2k18 -Teaching Striking Skills – Mark Banasiak

Kin-Ball Basics and Modifications – Terry Gooding

Kin-Ball Skill Drills – Terry Gooding

Omnikin All-Active Games – Terry Gooding

Omnikin Games – Terry Gooding

Music and Movement More than Dance – Mindy Kiser and Jay Garcia

Choose Your Own Tech Adventure – A. Adams, A. Jenkins, R. Muse, C. Williams, D. Zachary

Formative Assessments and Differentiation with Google Forms – Alex Adams

Positive Physical Education Classroom – Derek Zachary

Middle School Favorite Games – Bradley County Schools

Tactical Games Workshop – Dr. Stuart Currie & Dr. Ajit Korgaokar







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