Delivery of Services: TAHPERD provides continuing education through multiple mediums such as newsletters, email news blasts, annual conventions, workshops, and TAHPERD Talks events. Application and payment of membership dues entitles members to services immediately upon submission. The TAHPERD year runs from September 1 to August 31. Membership submitted at any point during the TAHPERD year enables members to participate in all TAHPERD event through August 31 of the fiscal year and receive TAHPERD electronic and paper updates through the same time period.

Privacy Policy: TAHPERD does not sell or promote membership information. All personal contact or identifying information is kept confidential and used for the sole purpose of reaching members quickly and efficiently regarding TAHPERD events, workshops, and updates.

Member Perk:  TAHPERD is now offering our members $1,000,000 general liability insurance coverage for all enrolled members in good standing during work related activities including classroom coverage. The insurance benefit provided to members in good standing of the APHERD program, in the amount of $1,000,000, is an excess benefit that provides an extra layer of coverage above and beyond your school employers coverage. If a member requires a certificate of insurance (showing proof of insurance or naming an additional insured) they must report their activity and request the COI from their member association.

What am I covered for?
Claims made by negligent acts accidentally committed resulting in bodily injury, personal and advertising injury or property damage to others. Individual member activities are those health, physical education, recreation and dance activities defined in each individual member’s job description.

TNAHPERD Summary of Insurance Coverage

Membership Costs

  • Professional $50
  • Graduate Student $25
  • Undergraduate Student $15
  • Retired $15