JRFH/HFH Coordinator Information

Did you coordinate a JRFH or HFH event in 2017-2018? Please fill out the Coordinator Discounted Membership Form.  See below for more information on recent changes in our discounted membership policy.

Changes in JRFH/HFH Membership Policy: TAHPERD would like to thank you for completing a JRFH/HFH event at your school.  We know that you put in countless hours and energy to make the events successful at your school and we appreciate that work! Unfortunately, the American Heart Association has decreased the percentage of funds raised that return to the state association. (All states have received the same cuts.) The significant reduction in funds has forced TAHPERD (and all other states) to evaluate and alter the programs and services provided. For those who completed events in the 2017-2018 school year and have raised over $600.00, TAHPERD can only provide discounted membership(s), rather than free membership(s). The discounted membership cost is $15.00. For schools earning $600.01-$4,000.00 will earn 1 discounted membership. Those schools who raise between $4,000.01-$10,000.00 will receive 2nd discounted memberships (not to be combined). Those schools who raise $10,000.01 and above earn their 3rd and 4th discounted memberships (not to be combined).

Thank you for your understanding, as we know that you work hard each year completing JRFH/HFH events.


Delivery of Services: TAHPERD provides continuing education through multiple mediums such as newsletters, email news blasts, annual conventions, workshops, and TAHPERD Talks events. Application and payment of membership dues entitles members to services immediately upon submission. The TAHPERD year runs from September 1 to August 31. Membership submitted at any point during the TAHPERD year enables members to participate in all TAHPERD event through August 31 of the fiscal year and receive TAHPERD electronic and paper updates through the same time period.

Privacy Policy: TAHPERD does not sell or promote membership information. All personal contact or identifying information is kept confidential and used for the sole purpose of reaching members quickly and efficiently regarding TAHPERD events, workshops, and updates.

Member Perk:  Now through July 30, 2019 members will receive a 15% discount off the initial price of WELNET® just for mentioning your active membership with TAHPERD. WELNET® is designed to provide physical educators with a tool to gather student fitness data and communicate results. WELNET®‘s modules offer a variety of tracking and assessment tools, including measuring the five components of fitness, checking students’ understanding of fitness and health concepts, tracking students’ health-related habits and behaviors, supporting student goal setting and producing reports in each module to analyze trends, improve instruction and achieve program goals and outcomes. WELNET® is available as a Single School Solution or a District Solution.

Membership Costs

  • Professional $35
  • Graduate Student $20
  • Undergraduate Student $15
  • Associate $15
  • Retired $5
  • Institutional $30
  • Commercial $15

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