Welcome to the Tennessee Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance! Last year TAHPERD celebrated its 50th  year, and I am excited for the opportunity to lead such an established organization. TAHPERD’s organizational team includes individuals from a variety of disciplines, who are in the top of their fields; to include several who have been named Teacher of the Year. Each of the organizations leadership team members shares the same passion and dedication to improving and maintaining the lives of children and youth in Tennessee.

Our theme in 2020 is ‘Be the Voice’! Advocacy and education are key elements in the success of this organization and its goals. Goals for 2020 include: 1) the implementation of the Tom Cronan Physical Education Act Bill, providing all K-5 students with a minimum of two days and 60 minutes of physical education per week; led by a certified PE teacher; 2) increase membership as a whole for the organization, especially among TN physical education teachers (currently 22%); 3) hold the first 5K and 1mile walk to kick off the 2020 convention; 4) increase community and professional awareness about TAHPERD; 5) recruit and provide top notch presenters at the 2020 convention! Together we can create change!

The map below provides a description of where our members are located throughout the state. Become a member today to learn more about how you can impact TN!

Donna Dey