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The mission of the Tennessee Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance web site is to provide our members and visitors with information about the association, its members and their contributions to improving the lives of all those they can reach.

The American Lung Association is proud to present Yoga Power, a school-based fundraising initiative that will help bring awareness to the importance of lung health to your school.

Yoga Power is a fun way for your children to show support for the fight against lung disease and to help promote healthy lungs. Through yoga, children can learn how to exercise, discover the power of their breath, develop confidence and strengthen the mind-body connection.

Register for the Yoga Power Initiative and find out more.


We have been encouraged to provide public comment and feedback (about the importance and value of physical education) to tnedu.funding@tn.gov.    Who do you know that would be willing to speak to the value of physical education in Tennessee schools?  What does it mean to parents?  What does it mean to students? Send them to this link, please.


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