The Tennessee Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance issues this Notice describing the conditions under which applications will be received and how TAHPERD will determine which applications it will fund for the grant program. TAHPERD supports programs that promote health, physical education, fitness, and wellness. The TAHPERD Grant Program was established for the purpose of advancing these areas through education and research.


Completed applications for a TAHPERD grant must be submitted using the online form by October 1 of each fiscal year.

Find the form Here:



Program Purpose

The TAHPERD Grant Program is designed to assist in the promotion and development of health, physical education and fitness related programs designed to serve the public interest.

To accomplish this objective, TAHPERD will provide 8 grants of up to $500.00 each to current members of the association. TAHPERD will support projects that improve the quality of, and access to, educational and training resources; improve the effectiveness of direct services to students; and foster communication, resource sharing and promotion of health/physical education/fitness/wellness/ activities within communities.

Funding was approved by a vote of the TAHPERD Executive Board.


Any current member in good standing of the Tennessee Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance is eligible to apply.

Program Funding Priorities

  • TAHPERD supports innovative projects that can serve as models for other schools and organizations.
  • TAHPERD defines innovative broadly. Proposals can encompass, but is not restricted to, research, use of technology, a creative strategy for delivery of information, or the use of equipment and/or materials that will improve teaching/learning.

TAHPERD grants will not pay for memberships, travel expenses, and expenses that do not impact direct services to the intended recipients.
If an application is selected for funding, TAHPERD has no obligation to provide any additional future funding in connection with that award.

Review Process

Reviewers will review and rate each application using the following criteria. Each criterion will weighed as indicated.

  1. Purpose and Intended Outcomes. (40%) The review panel will examine the degree to which the applicant clearly states the purpose and intended outcomes of the project. The project should clearly be linked to the mission of TAHPERD.
  2. Intended Audience and Communities Served. (30%) The review panel will assess the degree to which the project would impact the intended audience and communities served.
  3. Feasibility. (30%) The review panel will assess whether the proposal is reasonable.

Selection Process

The executive panel will be comprised of the Executive Director, President, Past-President, President-Elect and Grant Coordinator. The executive panel will review the recommendations and final selections will be determined.

Application Process

The applicant will submit the requested information to include (1) Applicant Information Form; (2) Project Information Form to include a detailed budget, and (3) A signed statement from the applicant’s administrator verifying the applicant is eligible for the grant.

NOTE: Grant recipients are expected to attend the annual statewide conference to share the results of their project with the membership.