The mission of the Tennessee Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance is to promote healthy, physically-active lifestyles for all Tennesseans.

The organization aims to do the following:

  • To provide for sound and adequate programs in health, physical education, recreation, dance and related areas, based upon the needs, interests and inherent capacities of the individual for his/her optimum development.
  • To provide leadership essential to continued development of sound and adequate programs.
  • To promote sound community relationships leading to adequate support for these programs.
  • To stimulate an intelligent and comprehensive interest in health, physical education, recreation, dance and related areas.
  • To encourage research and experimentation and to disseminate accurate information.
  • To affiliate and to cooperate with other associations in improving the profession.
  • To raise professional standards.
  • To contribute to the individual’s understanding of his/her role as a democratic citizen.


Our Partners and Affiliates