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 Kimberly Paramore Updated

Name: Kimberly Paramore
Hometown: Murfreesboro, TN
School: Blackman High School
Grades Taught: Freshman Girls Lifetime Wellness
Average # of Students per Class: 25

What do you love most about teaching? The thing I love most about teaching is seeing a student accomplish and understand a skill or activity they have never been able to do before.  I tell each of my students on the first day of school, my goal is to expose them to as many different physical activities as possible.  Hopefully, they can find at least one activity that inspires them to stay physically active, even after leaving my class.

What would someone see if they were to walk into your classroom? When someone enters my gym, they would see the following things: a class that is fully engaged and involved in an interactive lesson, students working together and learning cooperatively, a gym that is structured and well organized, and an environment that is loud and energetic with the voices and cheers of students enjoying the day’s activities.

What are you most proud of regarding your Physical Education program? I am most proud of the different physical activities that we can offer our students here at Blackman High School.  We as teachers work hard to create fun lessons and purchase new equipment that allow students to explore many different areas for physical exercise.  We can do everything from yoga, hip-hop step aerobics, and weightlifting, to badminton, corn-hole, and cricket!

What advice would you give a new Physical Education teacher? I would advise any new teacher to first be structured and organized. Students learn and participate more efficiently when they are not having to guess what the teacher is wanting from them.  Second, I would say develop great relationships with your students.  These relationships foster a great learning atmosphere!

 If you are willing, please provide us with a favorite activity description that we can share with other professionals.  My favorite activity I do every semester with my students, is a Dance Project! This is approximately a 3-week unit, where students are taught 5 country line dance steps, and they in return have to take those steps and work within a group to create a full dance.  Students dress in costumes, use props, and music to perform the finished project to the entire class. I love seeing the creativity that comes out of my students each year!