Outstanding Professionals Across the State

TAHPERD Teachers-Andy Martin

Name: Andy Martin
Hometown: Memphis, Tn
School: Germantown Municipal School District
Job Responsibilities: School Health Supervisor & Physical Education Supervisor

What do you love most about your job?  I enjoy sharing my knowledge and expertise with my colleagues throughout the district. It’s rewarding and humbling to aid in providing resources and ideas that generates initiatives that get students moving and becoming healthier in the process.

What accomplishment are you most proud of? I was awarded a Mayoral Proclamation from Shelby County Mayor, Lee Harris. (March 2020). The award was to recognize the work and programs I’ve help to generate throughout my professional career. Also, I’ve worked diligently over the years to create a platform that’s a valuable resource to many health and physical educators across the state. https://coachmartinpe.weebly.com/

What advice would you give someone who is interested in your career choice? Let your passion shine through! We have the best jobs in the world to get the opportunity to inspire our youth to become active and healthy leaders.

What have you enjoyed most about being a TAHPERD member? I love the connections I’ve made to many great professionals across our state. I strongly believe in networking and collaborating with others to create initiatives and movements that will positively impact our students and their communities.

TAHPERD Teachers-Carson

Name: Carson Clanton
Hometown: Columbia, Tn
School: McDowell Elementary School
Grades Taught: Kindergarten – 4th Grade

What university did you graduate from? Martin Methodist College

Why did you choose Physical Education as your career path?  I wanted to make a difference in a school, provide a fun and engaging physical education class, and give my students a strong male role model to look up to.

What is your goal for the students you teach?  My overall goal for my students is for them to understand and recognize there are many ways to be physically active and challenge themselves not only physically but setting their own goals in life as well.

What are you most proud of regarding your Physical Education program?  How engaged my students are in Physical Education! The levels of engagement are high, the kids seem to be enjoying themselves every single time they come to PE. As a 2nd year teacher, I am so proud of myself by building a comfortable culture in a physical education setting that my students have really responded to well!

What advice would you give a new Physical Education teacher?  Always stay changing, never settle for just okay or good. You are a beacon to these children. Through the good and the bad days always seek to what you can do better for yourself, if you challenge yourself you will challenge your students.