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Derek Zachary

Name: Derek Zachary
Hometown: Raised in Byrdstown, TN currently live in Rickman, Tn
School: Wilson Elementary Crawford, TN
Grades Taught: PK-8th
Average # of Students per Class: 20
What do you love most about teaching? I love teaching because I have the privilege
of seeing my kids grow and mature in physical education. I also have opportunities
to create a deep connection with them due to the fact that I have them from pre-k to
8th grade. I truly believe you must have a good connection with your students to
have a positive impact on their physical education experience.
What would someone see if they were to walk into your classroom? They would see
a positive, friendly, and encouraging environment. They would observe the
students moving and learning how and why to have a healthy active lifestyle.
What are you most proud of regarding your Physical Education program? I am
most proud of where our program is today compared to where it started at. Today
we have a very engaging and student centered program where we provide kids with
opportunities they may never get to experience.
What advice would you give a new Physical Education teacher? Make your
classroom student centered and a safe, positive environment. Create an experience
that makes student excited to come back each and everyday. Make connections with
students because teaching the content will be so much more enjoyable. Network
with other physical education teacher via twitter and never stop learning new things
to use in your classroom.