Outstanding Professionals Across the State

 Kelvin Williams

Name: Kelvin Williams
Hometown: Memphis, TN
School: Treadwell Middle School
Grades Taught: 6th-8th
Average # of Students per Class: 40

What do you love most about teaching?  Teaching gives me an opportunity to transform, motivate, and inspire children to reach their goals in school as well as in life.  I am also fulfilled when I can truly make a difference in their lives by imparting values and life skills.

What would someone see if they were to walk into your classroom?  They would see active and engaged students, learning and having fun, all within a structured environment.

What are you most proud of regarding your Physical Education program?  I am most proud that my physical education program provides a diverse curriculum that is inclusive for all students to participate.

What advice would you give a new Physical Education teacher?  I would encourage all new Physical Education teachers to always be prepared with well planned activities.  I think it is also imperative for PE teachers to be creative, innovative, enthused, and develop classroom management techniques that will invite students to participate in a fun learning environment.


 Gabriella Mitchell

Name: Gabriella Mitchell
Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee
School: Crump Elementary
Grades Taught: K-2
Average # of Students per Class: 22

What do you love most about teaching?   What I love most about teaching is the way my students respond to my classes and me. They love and enjoy coming to my classroom. They love what I teach. They let me know how much through hugs, smiles, and saying, “I had so much fun today.” Or they’ll come in and ask, “what are we going to do today?” When I walk into my school building, I become energized. I love interacting with my students. They make me feel like a rock star!

What would someone see if they were to walk into your classroom?  If someone was to walk into my gym they would see structure, organization, discipline, students engaged in learning and having fun, while addressing the standards, curriculum and TEM Teach Indicators. You will see an objective driven lesson. You will see demonstrations and explanations of skills and concepts for students to succeed, while all being appropriately challenging and engaging, helping to develop higher order thinking. You will see checking for understanding and instructional time used to the fullest. Poly spots are on the floor to identify where students are to stand, making it easy to learn student’s names and take attendance without wasting time. Equipment situated for smooth transitions. Relatable cues given. They will see a teacher loving what she does.

What are you most proud of regarding your Physical Education program?  I am most proud of students moving so much and having so much fun and not realizing they are exercising and working out. They can tell you how they know they have worked out, by what is happening to their bodies (tired, thirsty, increased heart rate, sweating, breathing deeply). Even the students who are overweight participate to the fullest. Through my program many students engage in a healthy lifestyle and bring their parents along with them. My program also supports the American Heart Association (AHA) annually and other district initiatives.

What advice would you give a new Physical Education teacher?   My advice to a new Physical Education teacher is always plan, be prepared, and reflect after your lessons to see what you can do to improve your teaching for each of your classes. Know your students and what they can do. Love what you do and do it well. Be involved on all levels of your profession.