The Tennessee Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance has funding available for any current member to apply to host a TAHPERD TALKS event.  The purpose of TAHPERD TALKS is to bring professionals together to enjoy a meal and have open discussion.  The host of TAHPERD TALKS has the authority to structure the event to his/her preference.  The attendees do not need to be TAHPERD members but the host is encouraged to promote TAHPERD at the event.

Click here to download the TAHPERD TALKS application.

TAHPERD will provide 3 grants of up to $600 each fiscal year.  The money may be used for the meal function and any site rental

Completed applications for TAHPERD TALKS must be mailed to the address indicated below postmarked by October 1 of the intended fiscal year. (September 1 – August 30).

Applications must be e-mailed to:
Sharon Cradic at

Sharon Cradic, TAHPERD TALKS, Coordinator, TAHPERD

Funding was approved by a vote of the TAHPERD Executive Board.

Any current member in good standing of the Tennessee Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance is eligible to apply.

Review Criteria
Reviewers will review and rate each application using the following criteria.  Each criterion will weigh as indicated.

1.  Purpose and Plan (40%):  The review panel will examine the degree to which the applicant clearly states the purpose of the project, e.g. that a plan is intact (date established, time established, site secured).

2.  Intended Audience and Communities Served (30%): The review panel will assess the degree to which the project would impact the intended audience and communities served.

3.  Feasability (30%):  The review panel will assess whether the proposal is reasonable.

Selection Process
The TAHPERD TALKS panel will be comprised of the TAHPERD TALKS Coordinator and two additional TAHPERD Board members.  The panel will review the recommendations and final selections will be determined.

Application Process
The applicant will submit the requested information to include (1) Applicant Information Form; (2) Project Information Form to include a detailed budget.

Requirements after the TAHPERD TALKS Event
The awardee is required to send a brief one paragraph summary within 30 days of the conclusion of the event.  E-mail the information to Sharon Cradic at